BRIK-CEN PM-35 ESPECIAL EPDM is an adhesive/sealant for bonding difficult materials, especially EPDM flooring and roofing membranes. Free from isocyanates, silicones and solvents. Available in 290ml cartridges.

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A New Generation Silanised Polyurethane adhesive, which gives excellent adhesion to EPDM roofing membranes and flooring materials.  In addition, its very high specific adhesion allows it to be used on a wide range of materials as an adhesive and sealant.

BRIK-CEN PM-35 ESPECIAL EPDM is free from isocyanates, silicones and solvents.  It is resistant to ageing and weathering and is suitable for outdoor use.  Available in 290ml cartridges which can be used in a standard sealant gun.

BRIK-CEN PM-35 can be applied between +5⁰C and +40 ⁰C and is resistant to temperatures from -40⁰C to + 90⁰C.  The adhesive has resistance to ageing and weathering and so can be used in exterior applications.  It has high resistance to UV radiation.  BRIK_CEN PM-35 ESPECIAL EPDM is a low odour product and it does not discolour or shrink, remaining permanently elastic.  It can be overpainted.

Typical applications include:

Sealing and bonding between EPDM rubbers and all types of materials used in construction, such as concrete, brick, natural stone, glass, ceramic and wood.

Bonding of EPDM membrane roofing
Bonding of playground flooring
Bonding of rubber or PVC anti- slip flooring,

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