FIJA+PLUS TURBO – The Ultimate Adhesive?

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New FIJA+ PLUS TURBO is a rare adhesive in that there doesn’t seem to be anything that it will not stick. Whatever challenge you throw at it, it copes effortlessly.

Super high strength adhesive

Based on new polymer technology, FIJA+PLUS TURBO primarily functions as an adhesive (it additionally functions as a sealant) with extremely high bond strength on a huge range of surfaces. It will bond brick, concrete, stone, marble, metals, construction plastics and much more. There are many products around that will also bond a wide range of materials, but uniquely, FIJA+PLUS TURBO has immediate grab, which allows extremely heavy materials to be fitted vertically without the need for support. It also provides a waterproof seal and can be used externally and is resistant to weathering.

So, if you are looking for an alternative to mechanical fixing, with the confidence of extreme tensile strength, FIJA+PLUS TURBO needs to be in your toolbox. Order now from or on